Volume 42 - Issue 3 - 401 - 407

Honey Bee Colony Losses in Isparta and Burdur Provınces of Turkey During The Winter of 2011-2012

Türkiyenin Isparta ve Burdur İllerinde 2011-2012 Kışı Boyunca Bal Arılarında Görülen Koloni Kayıpları

The winter losses of honey bees have been recorded in many parts of the world since 2006. Scientists have been studied to find out the causes of honey bee colony losses and try to prevent the losses. Using questi- onnaire that was developed in COLOSS network studies, information on honey bee losses has been adopted in

Burdur and Isparta, Turkey. The aim of this work was to investigate the extent of this problem and to point out possible causes. In this study, we analysed 88 questionnaires completed by beekeepers. According to the data obtained during the survey, 35.6 % and 27.1 % colony mortality were recorded in Burdur and Isparta respecti- vely. Although there were no difference between two provinces in terms of colony-loss, statistical comparisons between districts of each provinces were determined to be significant due to the differences of geographical structure. Within the groups, the higgest percentage of beekeepers was the colonies between 1 to 50 (49.9% and 44.5%). There is no relationship between hive substitution and altitude with colony-loss rate for each pro- vinces, respectively. In conclusion, winter losses are thought to increase with interactions of factors such as pathogens, genetic factors and environmental factors that affect honey bees. 

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