Volume 42 - Issue 3 - 395 - 400

Comparison of Six Commercial DNA Extraction Kits for DNA Extraction from Wheat

Buğdaydan DNA Ekstraksiyonu için Altı Ticari DNA Ekstraksiyon Kitinin Karşılaştırılması

In this study, six commercial DNA extraction kits were compared with each other in terms of DNA yield, DNA purity, amplification efficiency, the time spent and the cost per extraction. Extracted DNA samples were controlled by agarose gel electrophoresis and spectrophotometric measurement. The DNA samples were used as a template for 18SrRNA and chloroplast trnL–trnF intergenic spacer region amplifications to evaluate the PCR efficiency of DNA samples. Results showed that SIGMA GenEluteTM Plant Genomic DNA Miniprep Kit and QIAGEN DNeasy Plant Mini Kit are the most efficient commercial kits for DNA isolation from both wheat seed and leaf samples. 

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