Volume 48 - Issue 2 - 171 - 177

Removal of Dyes from Aqueous Solution Using Activated Carbon Embedded Cryogels

Aktif Karbon Gömülü Kriyojeller ile Sulu Çözeltiden Boya Giderimi

In this study poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate) (PHEMA) based activated carbon (AC) embedded cryogel discs were synthesized, characterized and their application for dye removal from aqueous solutions were investigated. The effect of pH and initial dye concentration on the adsorption capacity of the cryogels were studied in a batch system. Desorption of dyes was also studied and it was shown that synthesized composite system could be repeatedly used without significant loss in the adsorption capacity after five repetitive adsorption–desorption processes.

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