Volume 48 - Issue 2 - 179 - 190

Lectin Affinity Based Recognition Nanomaterial for Glucose

Glukoz için Lektin Afinite Temelli Tanıyıcı Nanomalzeme

Glucose is an important biomolecule because it is an important source of energy for cells and is used as an intermediate/ metabolic agent. Selective recognition of glucose is important for diagnosing many metabolic diseases. In this study, lectin ligand (Con A) attached p(GMA) nanopolymer was synthesized and characterized. The best interaction of p(GMA)-ConA nanopolymer and glucose was determined to be 10 mM glucose concentration at pH = 8.0. In the selectivity assay, p(GMA)-Con A was found to be 2-fold selective for glucose than galactose. Lectin affinity based nanopolymeric system that is selective, with high surface area, low cost and highly biocompatible with high adsorption capacity has been developed for recognition of glucose.

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