Volume 48 - Issue 2 - 125 - 135

Electrodeposition of Cadmium Sulfide and Lead (II) Sulfide onto Polycrystalline Gold Electrode

Polikristalin Altın Elektrot Üzerine Kadmiyum Sülfür ve Kurşun (II) Sülfürün Elektrodepozisyonu

Anew, simple and cost-effective electrochemical route was demontrated in this work. CdS and PbS thin films were grown on polycrystalline gold electrode using co-deposition and ECALE techniques based on accumulation layer by layer. The deposition potentials of cadmium, lead and sulfur were determined separately by cyclic voltammetry. Thin films were created from an electrolyte containing 0.01 molL-1 CdSO4, 0.01 molL-1 Na2S and 0.01 molL-1 Pb(CH3COO)2 in 0.01 molL-1 EDTA (pH = 3.00). The influence of bath temperature at the deposition potential was studied to determine the crystallinity of deposits. From the chronoamperometry results including the transients which were obtained within the under potential region, the overall shape of the experimental depositions was proposed and the growth process was considered.

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