Volume 47 - Issue 1 - 7 - 15

Mannose Imprinted Affinity Cryogels for Immunoglobulin G Binding

Immünoglobülin G bağlanması için Mannoz Baskılı Afinite Kriyojeller

The design, preparation and characterization of mannose imprinted cryogels for the detection of immunoglobulin G (IgG) in aqueous solutions were carried out. Methacryloylamido phenylboronic acid (MAPBA) was used as the functional mo- nomer since its boronic acid moiety has ability to interact with mannose groups on the Fc region of IgG. Free radical cryopolymerization technique was used for the preparation of mannose imprinted affinity cryogels towards IgG. The effects of medium pH, IgG concentration, ionic strength and flow rate on the IgG binding were investigated. The maximum IgG binding was achieved as 61.7 mgg-1 at pH 8.0. The prepared mannose imprinted cryogels exhibited excellent selectivity towards IgG in the existence of albumin and hemoglobin. Also, the result showed that the prepared cryogels preserved their stability even after 10 binding-desorption cycles.

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