Volume 47 - Issue 1 - 1 - 5

Records of Chromosomal Data of Some Scorpions (Arachnida: Scorpiones) from Turkey

Türkiye’deki Bazı Akreplere ait Kromozomal Veri Kayıtları

In this study, the karyological features of three species Mesobuthus eupeus and Mesobuthus gibbous was investigated from the family Buthidae and Euscorpius (Euscorpius) aladaglarensis from the family Euscorpiidae, ranging in Niğde Province. As a result of karyological studies, it was determined that the diploid chromosome number of Mesobuthus eupeus,Mesobuthus gibbosus, and Euscorpius aladaglarensis as 2n= 20, 28 and 88 respectively. Two buthid species have holocentric chromosomes, while the euscorpiid species has monocentric chromosomes. During first meiotic division, we observed multivalent in one male of E. aladaglarensis.

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