Volume 46 - Issue 2 - 199 - 219

Petaloid Monocotyledonous Flora of Tunceli Province (Turkey)

Tunceli (Türkiye)’nin Monokotil Petaloidleri

This study was carried out to determine the monocotyl petaloids of Tunceli Province (Turkey). The research area is located in B7 square and a little part in B8 square based on the quadratic system of Davis. In this rese- arch, the field studies were carried out in Tunceli during 2014-2015. Totally 150 taxa (142 species, 4 subspecies and 4 varieties) which are 33 endemic were identified belonging to 11 families. Of the taxa found in the area, 26 were newly recorded for the province of Tunceli. This study is part of the ongoing research to determine for Flora of Tunceli.

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