Volume 46 - Issue 2 - 221 - 227

Economically Productive Features of Turkeys Breed in Azerbaijan

Azerbaycan’da Üretilen Hindilerin Ekonomik Açıdan Üretim Özellikleri

Turkey breeding is an important source of increased production of high-quality bird meat. Many years of experience shows the effectiveness of industrial turkey breeding. Among the meat species of poultry, the turkey occupies a special place. By its biological and economic characteristics, it is one of the most promising species of meat poultry. Turkeys have a high fertility and high yield of edible parts per unit of live weight. The aim of the research was creating new highly productive breeds, lines and to study the dynamics of the economic-useful qualities of turkeys of various lines, breeds and productive, interior features, quality of meat of turkeys breed in the conditions of Azerbaijan.

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