Volume 45 - Issue 4 - 635 - 638

Can Food Supplement Produced from Apilarnil be an Alternative to Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Apilarnil Gıda Takviyesi Testosteron Yerine Koyma Tedavisine Alternatif Olabilir mi?

Apilarnil is male honey bee (Apis mellifera) brood homogenate, firstly used on elders have psychotic, neurodegenerative or sexual disorders in Romania by Nicola Iliesu in 1980. It has high nutritional value and a cheap source of biologically active substances. It consists of water (65–75%), proteins (9–12%), carbohydrates (6–12%), fatty acids and lipids (3.5–8%),

minerals K, Na, Ca, Mg (1–1.5%), essential amino acids (threonine, leucine, isoleucine, methionine) and also it is rich in sex hormones such as testosterone, prolactin, progesterone and estradiol. Some defined chemicals in lipid portion and hormones are included in Apilarnil should be responsible by androgenic effect. So, it may enhance the androgenic activity for patients with androgen deficiency syndrome. Lower androgenic activity named as androgen deficiency syndrome. It causes reduced growth of penis end testes in early ages, failure to go through full normal puberty, gynaecomastia, poor development of facial, body or pubic hair and voice does not deepen in early teenagers, mood changes, reduced muscle strength, increased body fat, decreased libido, difficulty getting and keeping erections, low semen volume and gynaecomastia in adults. In this article, Apilarnil having an androgenic content and whether or not it is effective for the androgen deficiency syndrome has been prepared and interpreted by compiling studies on Apilarnil in the literature.

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