Volume 44 - Issue 2 - 115 - 118

Pollen Morphology of an Endangered, Endemic Anatolian Species, Noccaea aghrica (P.H.Davis & Kit Tan) M.Fırat & Özüdoğru (Brassicaceae) ​

Tehlike Altındaki Endemik Noccaea Aghrica (P.H.Davis & Kit Tan) Fırat & Özüdoğru (Brassicaceae) Türünün Polen Yapısı

The material of this study is Noccaea aghrica Fırat & Özüdoğru, an endangered, endemic species, only known from three localities in eastern Turkey. The pollen grains of N. aghrica are usually prolate, isopolar, trizono- colpate, reticulate, and with the colpi almost running the full length and terminating at the poles. The average length and width of the pollens are 16.89 μm, 6.21 μm and for polar and equatorial axes are 20.94 μm and 18.89 μm, respectively. The pollen measurements and scanning electron microscope, light microscope photographs were given in the manuscript. 

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