Volume 43 - Issue 3 - 179 - 185

Poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate)-co-N-methacryloyl-(L)- histidine methyl ester Based Cryogel for the Removal of Fe3+ from Human Plasma effected with Beta Thalassemia

Poli(hidroksietil metakrilat-N-metakrilo-L-Histidin metil ester) Temelli Kriyogel ile Beta talasemili İnsan Plazmasından Fe+3’ün Uzaklaştırması

In this study, Fe3+ adsorption was carried by using supermacroporous poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate-N-methacryloyl-(L)-histidine methyl ester) [poly(HEMA-MAH)] cryogel. Poly(HEMA-MAH) cryogel was characterized by swelling tests and scanning electron microscopy. The influence of flow rate, pH, initial Fe3+ concentration, and Fe3+ adsorption from human plasma effected with beta thalassemia on the adsorption efficiency of the cryogel was investigated. The equilibrium swelling degree of poly(HEMA-MAH) cryogel was found to be 7.54 g H2O/g cryogel. Fe3+ adsorption capacity of poly(HEMA-MAH) cryogel from aqueous solution was estimated as 1.79 mg/g cryogel, while lower adsorption capacity was observed in human plasma (1.71 mg/g). It was also observed that Fe3+ could be repeatedly adsorbed and desorbed using poly(HEMA-MAH) cryogel without signi- ficant loss in its adsorption capacity. 

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