Volume 43 - Issue 2 - 115 - 118

Screening of Morphological and Anatomical Features of Coprinellus micaceus (Bull.) Fr. From Turkey ​

Türkiye’den Coprinellus micaceus (Bull.) Fr.’un Anatomik ve Morfolojik Özelliklerinin İncelenmesi

In this study, cultural properties those morphological and anatomical features of Coprinellus micaceus (Bull.) Fr. spores and mycelium were examined. Carpofor is tawny brown-brown and shape from oval to bell-shaped to convex. Stem is white. The mushroom samples were brought to the laboratory and were incubated in the dark for 10 days, in 26°C. During incubation period, the development of mycelium were measured on a daily and the radial growth rates was taken as criteria. The spores and mycelium of Coprinellus micaceus were investiga- ted with help of both light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). 

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