Volume 43 - Issue 2 - 99 - 104

Enrichment of Ochratoxin A in Cereals Using Ionic Liquid Based Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction

Tahıllardaki Okratoksin A’nın İyonik Sıvı Bazlı Dispersif Sıvı-Sıvı Mikroözütleme ile Zenginleştirilmesi

Asimple and fast analytical method known as ionic liquid based dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction was proposed for the separation and enrichment of ochratoxin A before high performance liquid chomatog- raphy with fluorescence detector. 1-Methyl-3-octylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate and ethanol were used as extraction solvent and dispersive solvent, respectively. The optimal parameters influencing the efficiency of the method such as pH of sample solution, type and volume of extraction solvent, type and volume of dispersi- ve solvent, time of extraction and centrifugation and salting effect were investigated. Under optimum extrac- tion conditions, limits of detection and quantification were 0.05 and 0.13 μg L−1, respectively. The recoveries of ochratoxin A for spiked wheat and corn samples were ranged from 78.55 to 81.05%. 

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