Volume 43 - Issue 2 - 133 - 143

Distribution maps and New IUCN threat categories for the genus of Arabis, Pseudoturritis and Turritis (Brassicaceae) in Turkey

Türkiye’deki Arabis, Pseudoturritis ve Turritis Cinsleri (Brassicaceae) için Dağılım Haritaları ve Yeni IUCN Tehlike Kategorileri

In this study, distribution maps and IUCN threat categories for the 27 taxa of Arabis L., Pseudoturritis Al- Shehbaz and Turritis L. (Brassicaceae) in Turkey are given, based on taxonomic and distribution studies that it was lasted over the 20 years by Mutlu. In conclusion, new IUCN categories of these taxa were proposed as follows; five taxa are Criticaly Endangered (CR), eight are Endangered (EN), three are Vulnerable (VU) and eleven are Least Concerned (LC). 

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