Volume 42 - Issue 2 - 175 - 182

Extraction and preconcentration of sulfonamides in honey samples by cetyltrimethylammonium bromide coated silica gel and their determination by HPLC

Setiltrimetilamonyum bromür kaplı silika jel kullanılarak bal örneklerindeki sülfonamitlerin özütlenmesi, önderiştirilmesi ve HPLC ile tayini

Asimple, rapid, sensitive, and inexpensive solid phase extraction method using cetyltrimethylammonium bromide-silica gel for preconcentration of sulfadiazine, sulfamethazine, sulfamerazine and sulphameth- oxazole antibiotics prior to the determination by high performance liquid chromatography was developed. The effects of parameters such as type of surfactant, pH, amount of surfactant, flow rate, type and volume of elut- ing agent were examined. The detection limits of sulfonamides were in the range of 3-13 μg L-1. The calibration curves were linear in the range of 0.010-2.0 μg/mL. The proposed method was successfully applied to deter- mine sulfonamides in different honey samples. 

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