Volume 40 - Issue 4 - Preface



Dear readers of the Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry,

Preface: A Farewell Note

In the winter of 2007 I became a chief editor of Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry, which published annually since 35 years. Shortly after I became the editor, I decided to publish journal as four issues per year. I invited many scientists to publish their studies in our journal and we succeed to publish many invaluable papers.

We have published 242 articles in Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry between 2007 and 2012 with an increasing number of submissions. The contributors were from different national universities, different governmental and special foundations and we also had manuscript submissions from Italy, Sweden, India, Lebanon, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Czech Republic, United States of America, Kazakhistan and China. We would like to thank all the authors for choosing our journal as a media for sharing their scientific results. We have published four special issues over the past years.

Having served as the editor of this journal for six years, I feel that our editorial team had a great work and increased the interest and impact of the journal. Now I think it is time for a change in leadership. I look forward the new editors taking the journal to new heights in the future and wish the best of luck in doing so.

In closing, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to my colleagues who have contributed to Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry for they are the ones who have made this such a successful journal. I am also extremely grateful for the tremendous effort of editorial office members for improving the quality of the journal over the past six years. I will enjoy watching Hacettepe Journal of Biology and Chemistry grow in statue and importance in the coming years.

Adil Denizli, PhD


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