Volume 39 - Issue 2 - 145 - 155

Fe3+ Immobilized Cryogel as an Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography (IMAC) Support for Dye removal

Boya Uzaklaştırma İçin İmmobilize Metal Şelat Afinite Kromatografi Matriksi Olarak Fe3+ İmmobilize Kriyojeller

In this study, the potential use of Fe3+ chelated Cibacron Blue F3GA immobilized poly(acrylamide-allyl glycidyl ether) [p(AAm-AGE)-CB-Fe3+ ] cryogel to remove dyes from aqueous solutions was evaluated. Cryogel was prepared by radical polymerization. Cibacron Blue F3GA was covalently immobilized on p(AAm-AGE) cryogel and then chelated with Fe3+ ions. Maximum adsorption capacities were determined as 14.50 mg/g cryogel for Congo Red and 18.78 mg/g cryogel for Reactive Green. It was also determined that Freundlich isotherm was convenient for both dyes. More than 90% of the adsorbed dyes were desorbed in all cases. This study indicates that p(AAm-AGE)-CB-Fe3+ cryogelic material can be efficiently used as adsorbent for different dyes at high concentrations. 

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