Volume 48 - Issue 5 - 507 - 525

Self-Healing and Shape-Memory Hydrogels

Kendini Onarabilen ve Şekil-Hafızalı Hidrojeller

Hydrogels are soft and smart materials with great similarity to biological systems. In the past decade, a significant progress has been achieved to produce mechanically strong and tough hydrogels. Another major challenge in gel science is to generate self-healing and shape-memory functions in hydrogels to extend their application areas. Several strategies have been developed to create self-healing ability in hydrogels by replacing the chemically cross-linked polymer network with a reversible one. Moreover, a combination of strong and weak physical cross-links was used to produce hydrogels with both self-healing and shape-memory behavior. In this review, I present recent developments in the field of self-healing and shape memory hydrogels by mainly focusing our achievements.

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