Volume 47 - Issue 3 - 295 - 303

Pollen Spectrum of Some Honey Samples Produced in Siirt-Turkey

Siirt-Türkiye’de Üretilmiş Bazı Balların Polen Çeşitliliği

Melissopalynology is the microscopic analysis of the pollen in the honey. This branch of palynology has been extensively used to determine the purity and quality of honey with its geographical and floral origins. The foraging plants of honeybees can be determined by analyzing the honey. In this study, the honeys originated from Siirt region were investigated. Totally 24 honey samples were evaluated with their total pollen numbers, moisture and pollen compositions. Total pollen numbers were ranged between 2086-55710, with the mean value of 22506. The pollen composition can be defined as relatively rich. It was found that 75% of the honeys were containing more than 10 plant taxa. Frequently observed plant families were Asteraceae, Fabaceae and Lamiaceae. According to these results we can claim that the examined regions of the city are really important for quality honey production.

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