Volume 46 - Issue 3 - 381 - 389

PVA Nanofibers Including Biopolymer-grafted Copolymer for Potential Biomedical Applications

Potansiyel Biyomedikal Uygulamalar için Biyopolimer- Yamalanmış Kopolimer İçeren PVA Nanofiberler

Multifunctional nanofibers were fabricated by electrospinning of polyvinyl alcohol/octadecylamine montmorillonite layered silicate nanocomposite as a matrix polymer and amphiphilic copolymer-g-biopolymer (polylactic acid, PLA) as a biocompatible partner polymer. Crystal structure of the nanofibers significantly changed due to in situ phase separation processing via different chemical and physical interfacial interactions. Relative high thermal stability, high first melting and low crystallinity were observed for the matrix/polymer nanofibers. Nanofibers exhibit low cytotoxicity and necrotic effect for MC3T3-E1 preosteoblast cells.

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