Volume 46 - Issue 3 - 337 - 364

Floristic Study for Tarhuna–Libya

Tarhuna-Libyanın Floristik Çalışması

Asurvey of plant species of Tarhuna was taken in between 2016-2017. A total number of 518 plant specimens have been collected from Tarhuna representing 41 families, 143 genera, and 222 different plant species of which 36 species are belonging to monocotyledons,185 species belonging to dicotyledons, and 1 species belong to Gymnosperms Ephedera alltisma. A total of 126 plant species were reported for the first time from Tarhuna. The results of this study have shown that the dominance of the family Asteraceae with 42 species, followed by the family Fabaceae with 30 species, the family Poaceae with 27 species, and the family Lamiaceae with 11 species. Anthemis glarosa endemic species for Libya confined to the costal belt of Libya has been collected, identified, and reported for the first time from Tarhuna.

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