Volume 46 - Issue 2 - 159 - 167

Multilayer Graphene Oxide-Silver Nanoparticle Nanostructure as Efficient Peroxidase Mimic

Etkili Peroksidaz Taklitçi Olarak Çok Tabakalı Grafen Oksit-Gümüş Nanopartikül Nanoyapısı

In this work, platinum (Pt), titanium (Ti) and silver (Ag) doped graphene oxide (GO) nanostructures were synthesized by using sonochemical technique, a relatively new technique in nanomaterial synthesis, and characterized in detail. The synthesized nanomaterials were characterized utilizing transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). TEM images and XPS spectras showed that the dopping process was successful. In addition, a multilayer graphene oxide-silver nanoparticles (M-GO- AgNPs) nano-structure was synthesized in this study for the first time, and it’s electrochemical performance was compared with GO-AgNPs. As a result of electrochemical study, the rate constants of the GO-AgNPs and M-GO-AgNPs modified electrodes were found as ksanodic = 6.62 s-1 and ksanodic = 6.78 s-1, respectively. Finally, the M-GO-AgNPs nano-structure obtained by sonochemical technique, a green chemistry synthesis technique, has been found to be suitable for use as an electrochemical sensor matrix.

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