Volume 45 - Issue 4 - 453 - 463

Utilization of Hydrophobic Interaction Affinity Nanosorbent For The Extraction Of Serotonin From Edible Plants

Yenilebilen Bitkilerden Serotoninin Ekstraksiyonu İçin Hidrofobik Etkileşim Afinite Nanosorbentinin Kullanımı

The aim of this study was to evaluate the extraction performance of poly(hydroxyethyl methacry-late-methacryloyl-(L)-tryptophan methyl ester) poly(HEMA–MAT)] nanostructures for serotonin from edible plants by a series of batch experiments. Average size of nanostructures was found as 100 nm with polydispersity index of 1.189 using zeta size analysis results. Maximum serotonin uptake capacity of the nanostructures was found to be 2901.4 ± 65.9 mg/g at pH 6.0. Applicabil-ity of this nanosorbent for the extraction of serotonin in banana and tomato before HPLC analysis was also studied and the level of serotonin was determined as 86.26 mg/g for banana and 36.02 mg/g for tomato samples.

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