Volume 43 - Issue 4 - 295 - 300

The Role of Different Metal and Heavy Metal Ions on Chromium Reduction by Pseudomonas mendocina DS0601- FX-P22 ​

Pseudomonas mendocina DS0601-FX-P22’nın Krom İndirgemesi Üzerine Farklı Metal ve Ağır Metallerin Rolü

In this study, the effects of different metal ions such as Mn2+, Cu2+, Fe2+, Ba2+, Al3+, Ni2+, Co2+, Zn2+, Cd2+ and Pb2+ on the bacterial chromium reduction by Pseudomonas mendocina DS0601-FX-P22 were investigated. Two dif- ferent initial chromium concentrations (15 mg/L and 25 mg/L Cr(VI)) were studied. The Cr(VI) reduction ability of the bacterium increased in the presence of metal ions like Cu2+ and Fe2+ and was significantly inhibited in the presence of metal ions like Ba2+ and Ni2+. Also, Cu2+ was the most efficient metal ion at Cr(VI) reduction for both Cr(VI) concentration (15 and 25 mg/L) in P. mendocina DS0601-FX-P22 bacterium. 

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