Volume 43 - Issue 1 - 69 - 72

New Puccinia (Pucciniales, Basidiomycota) records for Turkey

Türkiye için Yeni Puccinia (Pucciniales, Basidiomycota) Kayıtları

Three rust fungi species, Puccinia pulsatillae Kalchbr. on Pulsatilla violacea Rupr. subsp. armena (Boiss.) Lufe- rov, Puccinia tulipae Schröt. on Tulipa armena Boiss. var. armena and Puccinia coaetanea Bubák on Asperula stricta Boiss. subsp. latibracteata (Boiss.) Ehrend, are reported for the first time from Malatya province in Turkey. The morphological and microscopical features of these fungi are described with figures. 

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