Volume 42 - Issue 2 - 291 - 298

Genetic Identification of Algas on The Basis of The Analysis of 18s rRNA and rbcl of Genes Nucleotide Sequence and Development of Technology of Aquaculture Cultivation

18s rRNA ve rbcl Genlerinin Nükleotit Dizilimi Esasına Göre Alglerin Genetik Tanımlanması ve Su Ürünleri Yetiştiriciliği Teknolojisi Geliştirilmesi

Specific identification of green microalgas, perspective as feed additive for a fry stage of fishes was carried out. The culture was identified as Parachlorella kessleri. Technologies of aquaculture cultivation were developed: Parachlorella kessleri microalga, and also zooplankton: salt-water crustacean Artemia salina and fresh-water crustacean Daphnia magna in vitro for receiving feed additives for fishes. 

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