Volume 41 - Issue 3 - 221 - 224

New records of Microfungi from Malatya province in Turkey

Türkiye’de Malatya İlinden Yeni Mikrofungus Kayıtları

Three microfungi taxa, Pleospora lithophilae Gucevič on Pimpinella paucidentata V.A.Matthews, Septoria cruciatae Roberge ex Desm. on Galium mite Boiss. & Hohen., Placosphaeria campanulae (DC.) Bäumler on Asyneuma amplexicaule Hand.–Mazz. var. angustifolium (Boiss.) Bornm., are reported for the first time from Turkey. The morphological and microscopical features with figures of these fungi are described based on the collected materials. 

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