Volume 39 - Issue 3 - 213 - 229

Autoimmune Diseases and Immunoadsorption Therapy

Otoimmun Hastalıklar ve İmmunoadsorpsiyon Tedavisi

The human immune system is structured to recognize, respond to, and destroy a wide variety of potentially harmful microorganisms. One major component of this defense system depends on its ability to recognize foreign antigens versus healthy cells or tissues. When the immune system begins to destroy vital cells and organs within the body, the resulting reaction can be the basis for certain autoimmune diseases. Immunoadsorption, an extracorporeal technique for the removal of autoantibodies from patient plasma, offers some advantages over plasmapheresis. Immunoadsorption appeared relatively rapid and safe for the extensive removal of pathogenic antibodies and immune-complexes. During the mid 1970’s the first application of therapeutic intervention with immunoadsorbents was reported. In this review, some selected applications on immunoadsorption therapies mainly for removal of anti-dsDNA antibodies from systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and rheumatoid factors from rheumatoid arthritis patients plasmas are briefly discussed. 

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