Affinity to Some Plant Growth Regulators on Human Erythrocytes Cytosolic Carbonic Anhydrase I and IIVolume 37Issue 4281 - 288
Effects of Some Chemicals on G6PD Enzyme Purified by Affinity ChromatographyVolume 37Issue 4327 - 330
Purification and Characterization of Van Lake Fish (Chalcalburnus tarichii P.1811) Liver and Brain AcethylcholinesteraseVolume 37Issue 4331 - 336
Purification of Alkaline Phosphatase from Bovine Milk and Investigation of Inhibitory Effects Of Some Veterinary Drugs on Enzyme ActivityVolume 43Issue 3195 - 203
Purification of Ca Isoenzymes from Human Cancerous Colon Tissue and Inhibitory Effects of Some Analgesics on Enzyme ActivityVolume 40Issue 2127 - 132
Purification of Glutathione S-Transferase From Bonito (Sarda Sarda) Liver And Investigation of Metal Ions Effects on Enzyme ActivityVolume 42Issue 3435 - 442
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