Volume 48 - Issue 4 - 373 - 379

Effect of Slope on the Analysis of Forest Fire Risk

Orman Yangını Riskinin Analizinde Eğimin Etkisi

Forest fires are mainly caused by human activities. Therefore, the forest fire risk in an area is under the influence of human activities that may cause forest fires if the vegetation and topographic features are also suitable. While evaluating the effect of slope on forest fire risk in our study, It has been analyzed with geographical information systems (GIS) the starting points of forest fires have occurred in Turkey in the last 10 years. Thus, an objective assessment try to has been made about the effect of slope on forest fire risk. According to the analysis results, 40.53% of forest fires occur in Turkey the range of 0-10% slope. In addition, 87.16% of these fires occur at 0-30% slope. As a result, contrary to the general belief, it has been determined that as the slope increases, the risk of forest fire decreases. The slope affects the fire inversely proportional, On the other hand, it affects the forest fire danger in direct proportion.

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