Volume 48 - Issue 4 - 333 - 339

DNA from Leaf or Stem: A Comparative Work on Dianthus L. for DNA Barcoding Analysis with Four Commercial Extraction Kits

Yaprak ya da Gövde DNA’sı: Dianthus L. DNA Barkod Analizi için Dört Ticari Ekstraksiyon Kitinin Karşılaştırması

Four widely used DNA extraction kits, GeneAll GenExTM Plant kit, GeneMATRIX Plant & Fungi DNA Purification kit, DNeasy Plant kit and E.Z.N.A. Plant DNA kit, were compared using leaf and stem tissues of Dianthus specimens to isolate high yield and quality genomic DNA for DNA barcoding. Traditionally, leaves are used as a main source of genomic DNA but extracting DNA from Dianthus leaves might be more difficult because of sclerenchymatic tissues. Genomic DNA was extracted based on manufacturers’ protocols and amplified for seven barcode regions by PCR. DNA concentrations were measured using fluorometer and the quality of DNA and PCR products were showed on agarose gel. Amplification results were evaluated in terms of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) success for DNA barcoding research. Additionally, comparisons between the efficiency of commercial kits were discussed in terms of cost, labor and time-consuming. Results presented here, DNA extraction carried out from both stem and leaves of Dianthus specimens successfully. Although, all kits performed well for PCR amplification, GeneMATRIX was found the best efficient kit for isolating high quality DNA of Dianthus specimens used in the study for leaf and stem tissues.

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