Volume 48 - Issue 4 - 389 - 393

α-Amylase Inhibition Properties of Bee Pollen and Bee Bread (Perga)

Arı Poleni ve Arı Ekmeği (Perga) nin α-Amilaz Enzimi Üzerine İnhibisyon Etkisi

Bee pollen is a valuable bee product with its nutritional and bioactive values according to its protein, lipid, amino acid, vitamin and phenolic content. When bee pollen is converted into bee bread, it becomes more easily digestible in the human digestive system, because of the partial breakdown of the pollen wall, the exine layer, with the effect of fermentation. Therefore, bee bread has a richer nutrient content available than bee pollen. Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic and degenerative disease with long-term effects and inhibition of α-amylase is important for the treatment of this disease. In this study, methanol extract of pollen and perga samples was prepared. Total phenolic content, antioxidant capacity and α-amylase inhibition activity of the extract was determined. Total phenolic content and antioxidant capacity of pollen and perga extract was determined as 5.57-6.93 mg GAE/g and 74.56-97.66 μmol FeSO4.7H2O/g sample, respectively. IC50 value of bee pollen and perga for α-amylase inhibition was found to be 4.21 and 3.57 mg/mL, respectively. It could be concluded that perga may be more effective on Diabetes mellitus.

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