Volume 48 - Issue 3 - 283 - 290

One-pot Three-component Synthesis of Novel Quinazoline-4-carboxylic Acid and Derivatives

Aynı Ortamda Üç Bileşenli Yeni Kinazolin-4-karboksilik Asit ve Türevlerinin Sentezi

2-Phenyl-quinazoline-4-carboxylic acid (2) was synthesized from the one-pot three-component reaction of (2-amino-phenyl)-oxo-acetic acid sodium salt obtained from the hydrolysis of isatin with ammonium acetate and benzaldehyde. Some novel quinazoline-ester derivatives (3a-d) were then obtained by the reaction between 2 and various alcohols. Finally, quinazoline-amide derivatives (5a-e) were synthesized from the reaction of various amines and 2-phenyl-quinazoline-4- carbonyl chloride (4), obtained by the reaction of compound 2 with SOCl2. The structures of synthesized compounds were clarified by 1H NMR, 13C NMR, IR, mass spectrometry analysis methods.

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