Volume 48 - Issue 3 - 203 - 210

Influence of Charge Conditions on Battery Dynamics of A Commercial Lithium-Ion Cell

Ticari Bir Lityum-İyon Pilinin Batarya Dinamikleri Üzerinde Şarj Koşullarının Etkisi

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements were performed to determine the effect of the state-of-charge, charge current, and current-drop time on battery dynamics of a commercial 2032 lithium-ion coin cell. The impedance response was systematically investigated and discussed by using the Taguchi design. The results showed that the state-of- charge had a statistically significant effect on both the resistance for solid electrolyte interphase formation and cathodic charge transfer resistance. It was showed that the Taguchi design is a valuable tool for analyzing battery dynamics obtained through the equivalent circuit model. The Taguchi design opened the door for a robust design of lithium-ion batteries in real life.

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