Volume 48 - Issue 2 - 99 - 118

Versatile Polymeric Cryogels and Their Biomedical Applications

Çok Yönlü Polimerik Kriyojeller ve Biyomedikal Uygulamaları

Cryogels are interconnected macroporous materials, which are synthesized under semi-frozen conditions. They can be either produced as pure polymeric or composite, that can find a variety of applications in several research field. The excellent features of composite cryogels such as, biocompatibility, physical resistance and sensitivity, making them extremely suitable for biomedical applications. They commonly take place in therapeutic, diagnostic and pharmaceutical applications in the field of biomedical research. This review focuses on the biomedical applications of composite cryogels, particularly in the field of tissue engineering, drug delivery systems and protein diagnosis.

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