Volume 48 - Issue 2 - 197 - 201

The Design, Synthesis and Spectroscopic/Photophysical Characterization of Phosphonate-substituted BODIPY

Fosfonat-substitüye BODIPY Tasarımı, Sentezi ve Spektroskopik/Fotofiziksel Karakterizasyonu

BODIPY compounds continue to attract the attention of scientists from multidisciplinary areas because of the wide range applications and excellent photophysical properties as fluorescent sensors or dyes. In this study, a new phosphonate-substituted BODIPY dye was synthesized by classical condensation-oxidation-complexation method from pyrrolic compounds and aldehyde. The structure and photophysical properties of the synthesized BODIPY compound were determined by 1H NMR, 13C NMR, 31P NMR, 19F NMR, UV-Vis absorption and fluorescence spectroscopic techniques.

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