Volume 46 - Issue 2 - 307 - 313

A Bacterial Machinery for Surface Displayed Enzymes

Yüzeyde Gösterilen Enzimler İçin Bakteriyel Bir Mekanizma

Biomaterial based protein delivery systems have been utilized for many applications in biomedicine. Despite their great success, there is a need to develop innovative living, decision making systems for protein delivery. In this context, here, a cellular system is proposed for protein release and delivery. Such systems can be used not for biomedical purposes but also for other biochemical applications. In this regard a Escherichia coli autotransporter protein, Ag43 was engineered to display on its cell membrane. Using this system alkaline phosphatase protein is displayed on the cell surface as a fusion of Ag43-ALP which is also carrying a specific TEV protease excision site. It was shown that the active from of the enzyme was released upon its interaction with TEV protease from the cell surface. In this study a cellular machinery is proposed to be used as a controlled enzyme delivery system.

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