Volume 46 - Issue 1 - 129 - 133

The Study of Genetic Parameters Ecologically Stable Mulberry Silkworms Breeds on Different Conditions

Çevresel Dayanıklı Dut İpekböceği Türlerinin Farklı Koşullarda Genetik Parametrelerinin Öğrenilmesi

For the first time by adaptive selection have created new high viable and productive hybrid lines suitable for the climatic conditions of Ganja-Gazakh region. Experiments were carried out in 2 different conditions. Thus the results of the studies prove that on the basis of a 3 year adaptive selection, each of the created 4 lines, with the exception of 1-2, technological performance and productivity are on high rate. According to the envorimental resistance of the material as well as its first selection, the second generation, is significantly more productive than regionalized highly productive Mayak-3 type.

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