Volume 45 - Issue 4 - 547 - 556

Comparison of Physical and Biochemical Properties Between Pure and Adulterated Blossom Honeys

Saf ve Hileli Ballar Arasında Fiziksel ve Biyokimyasal Özelliklerin Karşılaştırılması

The purpose of this study was to find new parameters permitting the identification of adulterated honeys. For this reason, different qualities of adulterated honeys were produced. Honey bee colonies fed with three different sugar syrups, high fructose corn syrup 55 (HFCS-55), sucrose syrup and invert sugar syrups at 3 L/day in one concentration (1:1.5 g/v) for 15 days. After harvest, some physico-chemical (13C/12C, C4%, pH, moisture, optical rotation, electrical conductivity, sugar analyses, proline and diastase) and biological (total phenolic contents, phenolic profile, and antioxidant capacities) properties of the honeys were analyzed and compared. Conductivity, proline content, total phenolic content, diastase activities and antioxidant properties of the honeys were found distinguished parameters. Antioxidant capacity was significantly decreased in adulterated honeys.

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