Volume 45 - Issue 3 - 305 - 314

The Using of Rsm on Removal of Methylene Blue from Aqueous Solutions by Grape Seed (Tunceli-Elazığ) as a Low- Cost and Eco Friendly Adsorbent

Sulu Çözeltilerdeki Metilen Blue’nun Ucuz ve Çevre Dostu Bir Adsorbent Olan Üzüm Çekirdeği ile Gideriminde RSM Kullanımı

Grape seeds are waste products of the wine and juice processes in big amounts. In this study, grape seeds were used in Methylene Blue (MB) removal in synthetic wastewater by transformation into active carbon. Optimization process was completed using RSM. Four different parameters could affect the removal in selected process were identified and maximum MB removal was achieved by optimization of these parameters. Central Composite Design (CCD) software was used to calculate the effects of each parameter on response/removal. Conducted empirical and statistical studies determined that the values for independent parameters that achieved the maximum response were; pH 3.7, contact time 55.5 minutes, absorbent dosage 1.4 g, and initial concentration of 160 mgL-1. Using these parameters, MB removal from synthetic wastewater was conducted at an approximate yield of 99% with active carbon (Vitis vinifera seed) use. Furthermore, it was identified that the achieved model supported the conducted study by 82%.

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