Volume 45 - Issue 3 - 417 - 423

Preparation of Quantum Dot Bioconjugates as Fluorescence Probe for Targeting and Visualization of Cells

Hücrelerin Hedeflenmesi ve Görüntülenmesi için Floresans Prob Olarak Kuantum Nokta Biyokonjugatlarının Hazırlanması

Here, the bioconjugation and application of water-soluble quantum dots (QDs) for targeted cellular imaging were investigated. Human Anti-c-ErbB2 antibodies were bound to QDs for the targeting of these nanostructures towards the cancer cells. QDs and Anti-c-ErbB2/QD bioconjugates were characterized by fluorescence and UV–Vis spectroscopy and hydrodynamic sizing. The effect of QDs and Anti-c-ErbB2/QD bioconjugates on cell viability was evaluated using an MTT assay. To observe targeting efficiency of Anti-c- ErbB2/QD bioconjugates, fluorescence microscopy and was performed. Higher cell affinities were obtained by Anti-c-ErbB2-conjugated QDs which is an evidence that these are well-suited for targeting and imaging of cells.

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