Volume 45 - Issue 2 - 205 - 212

Cultivation of Agaricus bisporus X25 on Reed Plant (Phragmites australis) Straw Decomposed by Using Actinomycetes

Agaricus bisporus X25’in Actinomycetes Kullanarak Saz Bitkisi (Phragmites australis) Üzerinde Yetiştirilmesi

The reed plant is available as economic alternative instead of wheat straw in state unavailable or the high prices to use it in the preparing compost for cultivation of Agaricus bisporus X25. In significant (P<0.05), use of Streptomycesinoculum led to increase the total yield of A. bisporus X25 during 21 days to 430 g/box (g/5 kg compost based on wet matter) compared without treatment (376.94 g/box). The treated reed straw showed higher yield 496.33 g/box. Using bacterial inoculum given biological efficiency 26.3% compared without treatment 23.8%. The best biological efficiency was 29.3% with treated reed straw compost using bacterium Streptomyces, while, the lower value was 20.8% for the mixture compost in same previous case. Quality and size of fruiting bodies were varied from compost to another one depended on diameter of cap (pileus), length of stipe. The bigger diameter had been recorded 55.83 mm for fruits of reed straw compost while the lower diameter was 42.33 mm on fruits of control compost. 

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