Volume 45 - Issue 1 - 117 - 123

Nutraceutical Value of Four Oyster Mushroom Species, Higher Basidiomycetes

Dört İstiridye Mantar Türlerinin Besin Değeri, Yüksek Basidiomycetes

This work was achieved to determine the nutritional value (total protein, crude fiber, phenolic compounds, total carbohydrate, ash, dry matter, moisture content and pH) of four oyster mushrooms species namely; P. ostreatus (grey), P. ostreatus (white), P. cornucopiae var. citrinopileatus (yellow) and P. salmoneostramineus (pink), were investigated on three agro-substrates mixtures; S1 (wheat straw), S2 (70% wheat straw, 20% saw- dust and 10% date palm fiber) and S3 (50% wheat straw, 30% sawdust and 20% date palm fiber) media. The variety of oyster mushroom showed significant (P<0.05) differences of nutritional value of oyster mushroom on various substrates. The mixture which composed from one substrate was poorer in mineral value than oth- ers which composed from more one. Generally, the higher protein content showed in P. cornucopiae (32.21%) compared with P. ostreatus (grey) (23.83%) as a lower value. P. ostreatus (grey) recorded total phenol, total carbohydrates and crude fibers 2.82 g/kg, 40.72% and 9.97%, while P. salmoneostramineus recorded 1.35 g/ kg, 48.02% and 23.75% respectively. P. ostreatus (white) showed higher value of ash and dry matter (11.3% and 12.81%) than P. ostreatus (grey) and P. salmoneostramineus in values 7.0% and 9.93%, respectively. 

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