Volume 44 - Issue 4 - 525 - 533

Removal of Heavy Metals from the Environment via Phytoremediation (Green Reclamation) Method

Fitoremediasyon (Yeşil Islah) Yöntemi ile Ortamdan Ağır Metal Uzaklaştırılması

New methods that are being used all over the world in order to advance technology and increase efficiency in agriculture disrupt the nature which is the main source of life while providing conveniences for people. Pollution of nature has negative effects for all living things within the ecological cycles and humans are inf- licted with the most significant damage. However, since negative rebounds from the environment take a long time, the harmful effects increase irrevocably with increasing investments for future generations. In this study, phytoremediation (vegetative reclamation systems or green reclamation) methods are explained which are the means of neutralizing the harmful aspects in nature or their cleansing via hyperaccumulator plants. This met- hod that is economical, does not disturb the aesthetic appearance and does not harm the nature is a method that can be widely used to combat soil and waters polluted with heavy metals in our country which is continuing to develop in every aspect. This study provides information about the exemplary studies in our country and in the world as well as the applicability of the method. 

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