Volume 44 - Issue 4 - 409 - 417

Novel Carbonic Anhydrase Activators in the Rats Exposed to H2O2

H2O2 Uygulanan Sıçanlarda Yeni Karbonik Anhidraz Aktivatörleri

Carbonic anhydrase has an important role in attentional gating of memory storage, signal process and long term synaptic transformation beside its pH regulation, HCO- reabsorption and CO2 expiration tasks. Within the study, in vivo effects of (Benzofurane-2-yl)(3-phenyl-3-methylcyclobutyl)ketoxime (A), (Benzofurane-2-yl)(3-methyl-3-mesitylcyclobutyl)ketone thiosemicarbazone (T), 1,3-bis(2-chlorbenzoyl)imidazoline-2-thione (B) which are synthetic products and H2O2 (H) on the carbonic anhydrase activity in the liver, erythrocyte, heart and kidney tissues of male Wistar rat were analyzed. For this purpose, control group, separate groups for each of the synthetic products, H2O2 group and H2O2 combination group with synthetic products were created. As a result of the obtained evidence, a decrease in carbonic anhydrase activity was observed in examined tissues exposed to H2O2, but A compound has activation effect on enzyme activity in liver, T compound has it in eryt- hrocyte and heart tissues, B compound has it in liver and erythrocytes.

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