Volume 44 - Issue 4 - 441 - 450

Multifunctional Electrospun Biocompatible Nanofiber Composites from Water Dispersion Blends of Folic Acid Conjugated PVP/Dextran/ODA-MMT Nanocomposites and Their Responses to Vero cells

Folik Asit Konjuge Edilmiş PVP/Dekstran/ODA-MMT Nanokompozitlerin Sulu Dispersiyon Karışımlarından Üretilen Çok Fonksiyonlu Elektroeğrilmiş Biyouyumlu Nanofiber Kompozitler ve Bunların Vero Hücreleriyle Etkileşimi

This work presents the fabrication and characterization of novel colloidal multifunctional polymer nanofi- ber composites (NFCs) from water dispersion blends of the intercalated silicate layered nanocomposites of poly(2-vinyl-N-pyrrolidone)/octadecyl amine-montmorillonite (PVP/ODA-MMT) and Dextran/ODA-MMT as matrix and partner polymer intercalated nanocomposites, as well as their folic acid (FA) conjugated derivatives by reactive electrospinning. The chemical and physical structures, surface morphology and responses to Vero cells of NFCs were investigated. Effects of matrix/partner polymer volume ratios, composition, organoclay and FA on the main important parameters of NFCs were evaluated. Cell culture studies showed that NFCs did not exhibit cytotoxicity significantly and also had a low degree of apoptotic and necrotic effects. 

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