Volume 44 - Issue 3 - 307 - 315

New Chitosan-Glyoxal Beads Supported Pd(II) Catalyst: Synthesis, Characterization and Application in Suzuki Coupling Reactions

Yeni Kitosan-Glioksal Küre Destekli Pd(II) Katalizörü: Sentezi, Karakterizasyonu ve Suzuki Kenetlenme Reaksiyonlarindaki Uygulaması

In this paper, a new chitosan bead supported Pd(II) catalyst was prepared and its structure was characteri- zed with FTIR, XRD, TGA, SEM/EDAX and ICP-OES analyses for Suzuki coupling reactions. The catalytic and recyclable performances of the catalyst were explored in the synthesis of biaryl compounds under microwave heating and free solvent media. The catalyst provided good conversion reaction yields and high TON and TOF values with a simple and quick microwave heating procedure. In addition, the recycle tests indicated that the catalyst could be used for up to seven runs under optimum reaction conditions. 

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