Volume 44 - Issue 3 - 273 - 281

Electrosoption of Aromatic Organic Acids From Aqueous Solutions Onto Granular Activated Carbon Electrodes for Water Purification

Aromatik Organik Asitlerin Sulu Çözeltilerden Granüllü Aktiflenmiş Karbon Elektrotlar Üzerine Elektrosorpsiyonu

Waste water treatment systems have great importance as a result of the increasing population and environ- mental pollution. In this study, electrosorptive removal of benzoic acid (BA) and nicotinic acid (NA) from aqueous solutions onto activated carbon electrodes (ACEs) were studied. ACEs were fabricated from the in-

dustrially available granular activated carbon and polyethylene as binder. During the electrosorption process, the change in concentration of organic molecules was followed by using an online UV–Vis spectrophotometric system. Effects of operational parameters such as applied potential and volumetric flow rate on electrosorp- tion of BA were examined. Optimum parameters for the process were found to be 60 mL.min-1 for volumetric flow rate and 1.5 V for polarization of ACEs. Electrosorption of binary mixtures of BA and NA was also studied. it can be concluded that BA and NA can be effectively removed by electrosorption from aqueous solutions using activated carbon electrodes. 

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