Volume 44 - Issue 2 - 125 - 131

Comparison of Leaf Traits (SLA And LMA) on Different Populations of Alcea apterocarpa

Alcea apterocarpa (Fenzl) Boiss Farklı Populasyonlarında Yaprak Karakterlerinin (SLA ve LMA) Karşılaştırılması

In this study, we compared specific leaf area (SLA) and specific leaf mass (LMA) of Alcea apterocarpa (Fenzl) Boiss populations in different localities. SLA and LMA are important leaf parameters because they are re- lated to leaf nutrients, leaf economy and gas exchanges with atmosphere. So many species adjust leaf para- meters (i.e. SLA and LMA) across to environmental gradients. A. apterocarpa is a ruderal plant and has wide distribution area. Additionally it has got ethno botanic features for example use for medicine plant. We selec- ted six individuals form three different localities for this study. Each locality has different density of the human populations. We collected green and senescence leaves from localities and calculated SLA and LMA values of these leaves. The results showed that there are very important differences between senescence and green leaf and between localities. Especially, SLA values of A. apterocarpa population in city center are found to be higher and LMA values are found to be lower than other populations. 

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